In 20 years, we have produced 40 million square meters of fabric, 12.5 million employees using hats, t-shirts, shirts and trousers. We have provided services to 350 different corporate companies with 3 thousand different kinds of products.

In 20 years, we used enough fabric to turn many times around the world

As Pasin Textile, we have produced tens of thousands of products for company employees operating in all climates and wide geographical regions where there are cold climates and scorching temperatures. 27.5 million meters of fabric and 800 million meters of sewing thread were used in the production of these products!

* The circumference of the equator is 40,075 km.

We produced more workwear than the total population of Sweden, which is a member of the UN

We have grown stronger with the confidence we have. We have succeeded to become a company that referenced by customer satisfaction. Our customer network has spread across the globe, exceeding 350 corporate companies. We have produced 12.5 million outfits for more than the total population of Sweden, which is a member of the United Nations.

* The total population of Sweden is 9.6 million.

We provided corporate clothing with fabric four times the size of Canada’s Surface Area

We have gained a new meaning in corporate clothing service in Turkey. With our 360-degree service understanding, we have provided many institutions with corporate clothing service using 40 million square meters’ fabric. In other words, we provided corporate wear to our customers with a fabric covering 4 times the area of Canada which is the largest country in the North America.

* Canada has an area of 9.985.000 square kilometers.